This Celestial Swim capsule collection was created with 4 staple colors made out of luxe recycled, sustainable, swimwear fabrics. The designs were created with versatility so you can style in various ways, and adjust to fit your unique & beautiful form. The Ethereal Collection was inspired by celestial entites in the spiritual realm. Each bikini set is correlated with a Goddess that reminds us to awaken the divinity within through different attributes we can embody here in the phyical realm. With the intenion of spreading positivity, love, and light through branded aethetics, Celestial presents the empowerment messages below.

Empowerment Messages


Goddess of Generosity.

As we coexist on a planet that has far more water than land, we are reminded of the abundance and generosity the "Oshun" provides us with. Goddess Oshun reminds us to allow gratitude to be at the forefront of everything you do. When you live with an abundant mindset, anything you give without the expectation of receiving will always be returned back to you tenfold. Oshun reminds us that this is the truth that has existed since time began and will continue until the world's end. When you wear this bikini step into the energy of generosity for your kindness, acts of service for others, love of self & the world around you. Remember that your divinity is aligned when you move through life with gratitude, love, and light. 


Goddess of Flow.

Do you notice how when you are in alignment the confidence within yourself, and the way you interact with the world around you just seems to flow? It is a beautiful thing to live in harmony with the Universe. Goddess Rhea reminds us that we may not always have control on our life and how it flows, but we do have control on the way we react and match the flow of life. When you wear the Rhea bikini we encourage you to step into the energy of freedom and flow. Let go of everything you can't control and search for things to be thankful for. When you are deeply rooted in gratitude and faith for how your life is unfolding, you will notice how things start to divinely arrange for you. Be intentional with awaking your divinity within. 


Goddess of Communication.

The way you carry, articulate, and express yourself through verbal and nonverbal communication has a lasting impact on those around you. Goddess Iris reminds us to stay open and be clear about expressing your deepest desires, always speak with integrity, kindness, and respect for others. When you wear the Iris bikini, tap into your inner goddess and remember the power you have within. Goddess Iris empowers the divinity we are all born through the ability to communicate with the Universe. Speak light and positivity into your life.


Goddess of Earth. 

Goddess Gaia reminds us to feel grounded, intentional, and present in the moment. Our human bodies are creatures of this Earth, we were made as a divine reflection of the Universe itself. What form does your life take? Fully embrace and embody your physical form. Goddess Gaia reminds us that that the Earth is the playground for concious manifestation, be respectful of your truth.